Friday, November 5, 2010

Dairy Free Recipes to Come and Bob's Red Mill Cornbread Mix Review

Today was a great day.  I took Cassie and Nathan to History class this morning to hand in their term papers (we were too late to actually attend the class).  Then we went to Davis College.  All the kids enjoy going on Fridays to the school.  They did their school work in the campus library while we waited to meet Chuck for lunch in the cafeteria.  We really can't eat any of the food the cafeteria serves with the exception of the salad bar.  The prices are great--$2 per person for all you can eat salad bar.  It's a good thing we like salad!  :-)  We all love getting to see Chuck for lunch during the school day, and it breaks up his day, which he really enjoys, too.  Some of the students come to our table and say hi.

Then the kids and I went to the Oakdale Mall.  I had to go to the Girl Scout store to pick up a Brownie Try-It Book for Moriah.  We decided to look around the different stores because the kids all had money burnin' holes in their pockets!  We found some great deals, though.  Elijah found a nice hoodie at Aeropostale that was marked down from over $50 to $12!  The boys also found some jeans at JC Penney's that were marked down to $5!

After we got home, Elijah and I made some awesome Creamy Chicken Chowder, a recipe I will share very soon.  Last night I made an updated and even better version of my Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, another one I will share/update soon, as well.  Of course these recipes are gluten-free, as well, and they taste oh-so-yummy, and even cheezy! 

To go with our Creamy Chicken Chowder tonight, Elijah made up a batch of Bob's Red Mill Cornbread.  Instead of making it in a 9" pan, he made 12 muffins.  We haven't had cornbread in ages!  My absolute favorite cornbread used to be the Jiffy mixes.  Now, of course, that is off limits.  I have made several from-scratch cornbread recipes from various cookbooks, but I have to say that we really enjoyed the BRM Cornbread Mix better than any of the recipes I have tried.  It was so very easy, and the muffins were delicious.  Everyone wanted seconds, but I told them we're gonna take the rest with us tomorrow to a special Family Day at Davis College tomorrow.  The school is providing lunch and dinner for all the families, and I want to take some yummy GF food to add to the salad bar.  I will definitely pick up a few more packages of the cornbread mix for busy days when I want to make a little something extra to go with dinner that is delicious, fast, and easy. 

Lastly, I wanted to say that it is so great that awareness about gluten intolerance is spreading so well.  Our local Wal Mart Superstore has recently added a small Gluten Free section to the grocery side.  It is at the end of the baking aisle.  That's where we got the cornbread mix.  It was $2.88, which is the best price I have seen.  Also, the Christmas Tree Store in Johnson City has some gluten free goodies at decent prices.  (I say decent because I am talking about comparing gluten free foods with gluten free foods.  We all know that gluten free foods are more expensive than gluten-laden foods.)  I have noticed that Big Lots also frequently carries various gluten free cereals at very good prices.  Although I have been really into making things from scratch due to the huge amount of starch in the mixes, as well as the sky-high prices, gluten-free foods are becoming a little more available and are so much easier for me to make when we go through periods of extreme busy-ness with sports, school, etc.  It also makes it easier for friends and family to make gluten free foods that we can eat when we go to visit them for dinner.  I believe that as long as we keep moderation in mind when we make and eat these starchy foods, we can still be healthy.

I will try to share my new recipes soon...just as soon as I can take a couple of good pictures!  Have a blessed weekend.  :-)


Chuck and Lori Relyea said...

Your awesome...very nice post, lots of good knowledge!

The Relyeas said...

Thanks for the confidence boost, honey! LOL.--Lori