Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Ok.  So it has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything.  In fact, I rarely even looked at my blog in the last two years (Has it really been that long?), except to find recipes that I recorded here and misplaced the hard copies to.  I was incredibly busy and had to prioritize things in my life.  So, blogging was set on the back burner for a time.

There has been so many trials and changes in our lives that I don't have time to explain it all now.  I can, however, give you a list of some of the things we have dealt with.  I went back to school, and then our oldest daughter, Cassie, became very ill.  We spent many months taking care of her and going to various hospitals and doctors.  We found out my grandparents both had Alzheimers.  I quit school to care for them.  My grandfather passed away in June 2012.  We started remodeling our house.  Cassie went to college locally.  We found out we were expecting a new baby, who arrived in March.  Chuck graduated in May 2013, with 2 bachelors' degrees, and he immediately got hired as an associate pastor at our church.  Our youngest daughter got very sick last summer, which did something to her immune system. She has been sick a lot over the past year and has been experiencing a lot of allergic reactions to things, especially to wheat and dairy.  She now has to carry an Epipen and an inhaler as well as take other allergy medicine regularly.  We continue to be involved with our entertainment business, though we haven't been actively promoting it.  Our kids are all very involved in extra-curricular activities as well.  We are constantly driving someone somewhere.

I want to say that I will be posting things on a regular basis again, but I can't make that promise.  However, I will try to post more often.  I have some things I have been working on that I would like to share.  I may, though, be posting some things that are not related to food since my life consists of a lot more than cooking right now!  :-)  Be prepared to see some changes in my blog over the coming months!

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